Month: January 2018

Kimaia’s declassified finals survival guide

By Kimaia Gassner  It’s finals week and we all know what that means.  The seniors roll in at 7:55 late to their morning Beaverlodge, but that doesn’t bug them.  As a seasoned finals week goer (7th time’s the charm!) here are the dos and don’ts of finals week. DO give yourself a break after school. ...

College letters come at juniors fast and dumb

Time to find out if your personality is compatible with our college!

The right aid for Medicaid: Measure 101

By Brady Rogers  As health care continues to be a heavily debated topic within United States politics, Medicaid has struggled within the state of Oregon. Nearly one in four Oregonians are insured through the program, which mainly benefits children, low-income families, and seniors. A recent gap within the state budget has left politicians scrambling to fill ...

DACA in the hands of the indecisive government

Dreamers are living in fear while Republicans and Democrats fight over deals between DACA and President Trump's infamous wall along the U.S. and Mexico border.

Beaverton students prove how ‘community connects us’

Students from Beaverton High School work in various ways to bring awareness to issues present in our community.