Month: April 2017

Steel Magnolias: a review

A musical with a cast of thirty-five is hard to put together, but easy to perform. Alternatively, a drama with a cast of only six is easy to put together, but much harder to perform. The former is a showcase of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the rehearsal process, whereas it is often onstage on opening night that these bodily fluids are evoked from the latter.

Can of corn! Beavers crush Crusaders

Jesuit High School has always been a notorious team in both the Metro League and the state of Oregon due to their talented athletic programs. However, Beaverton Baseball put their name to the test last Tuesday, April 11, when Jesuit came to battle the boys on their home turf.


Whether you were excited for the before prom pictures and dinner, the dance itself, the moments after with friends, or didn’t go at all, prom makes up one of the larger pillars of the “senior year experience,” if not the traditional high school experience altogether.

Re”lax,” boys’ lacrosse will bounce back

The 2016 state champions boys’ lacrosse team is working hard to make it back to the top of Metro and rank high in the state. After the 2016 season, the Beavers lost key players such as Matt Hockman, Nate Oekerman, and Carter Olson. The beginning of the year looked promising for the Beavers with seniors Raphael Bittar, Nate Johnnie, and Mitchell Senour manning the field. Unfortunately, in the first game of the season, Nate Johnnie tore his ACL to end his season early.

Spring Break? More like Spring BROKE

While many traveled towards warmth and palm trees this spring break, some opted for a more local approach to enjoying the break. Netflix, the movies, hanging out at friend’s house although staples of the poor man’s spring break, become tired and repetitive at some point. Both homebodies for the week off, Senior Editor Lizzy Elkins and I, decided to step out of routine, and took a day trip to Seattle, with the benefit of a CityPASS.