Month: March 2017

Dear anyone older than me…

I don’t think I know everything. I know I’m not a “real” adult yet. I don’t think I have the rest of my life planned out. I AM, however, capable of having intellectual conversations with you and of having my own thoughts and opinions.

Get out and see this awe-inspiring thriller

After leaving the theaters, rarely there are movies that leave the audience in awe. The movie Get Out did just that, and exceeded its already high expectations by using strong acting, a powerful topic, and pace to keep the audience engaged. It was the perfect platform to highlight being black in America, and how it shouldn't be ignored.

Bold for change

On March 8, women around the world celebrate themselves, their bodies, their power, their courage and to stand united with one another. Around the world, women get recognized for their accomplishments. It’s no secret that women have faced social, economic and political disadvantages just for being a women, and this day was meant to challenge that.

March twenty-fifth, what’s the plan?

I was half way to cape lookout with a couple of friends when I realized I had forgotten to tell my mom I was going out. There was no obvious signal so I just didn’t pay any attention to it. When we got to Tillamook I right away send my mom a message and told her to not worry about me, that I was going on a getaway for a couple of days. Little did I know she would call me as soon as she got the text message. “ Where are you? Does your debit card have enough money? Who are you with?” After a whole interview, my mother was fine with me going, well I mean it’s not like she could do much I was already at the destination.

Beavers take down opponents, continue to state

Beaverton boys wrestling came to dominate this year at districts on February 17 and 18, at Liberty High School. They ended the tournament with a combined 214.5 points, an impressive score compared to last year’s meager 141 points and last place title. The Beavers placed fourth as a team behind Aloha, Century, and Westview High School.