Month: February 2017

Lee Butler: prince in shining 900-fill goose down armor

Who was behind @from_butler_to_king? Is Lee the king Beaverton High wants, or the one it deserves? With Sadie's behind us, we can expect this account to settle down into dormancy. But that shouldn't stop us from admiring it and what it was trying to accomplish.

Listen up juniors: your teacher could make or break your college application

Are you applying to college? Are you planning on applying to a job at some point? Do you need scholarships? If you said yes to any of the above questions, you’re going to eventually need a letter of recommendation.

The perks of Beaverton High School

Heavy eyes, constant yawning, the slow slog to the school doors are all marks of a tired student. Although the absence of Mocha Rocha has caused a spiral of caffeine deprived students, there is new coffee cart filling the caffeine void. Piper’s Perks, located at the entrance of senior lot, is open from 6 am to 7:40 am and is run by Beaverton alum, Piper Humphries.

Forecasting for the future

As forecasting is coming up in February, students should take into careful consideration what classes they’d like to try, what classes they think would be beneficial to them, and most importantly, what classes are required in order for them to graduate. Underclassmen: I know it seems far off, but your senior year will be affected in part by what classes you choose to take during your first years in high school. That being said, here is some advice from upperclassmen who have been in your position.

What Hummer boys seek in a significant other

Valentine's day has approached quickly with little forewarning. Many people have forgotten the importance of it, and more importantly, how it helps give an excuse to talk to the person we are interested in. To celebrate, the boys in the Hummer staff decided to put together what they wanted most in a significant other.