Prom voting 2017: recount verifies tied election for Intellect and Renaissance positions


Due to the remarkable circumstance surrounding Prom and the students elected to category of Intellect and Renaissance, the validity of whether or not the voting was fair, was called into question. At the Hummer, an investigation was conducted and the results were proven to be accurate for the categories; for the princes of Intellect the votes were tied at 43 each and for Renaissance the votes were tied at 34, with each princess placing within the top four in votes of several other categories. Each prince and princess won their respective category fairly and truthfully. The results were not only verified by a member of the Hummer staff, but by Anna Ricci, ASB President, and Logan Holt, VP of Student Activities. As a staff, the Hummer would like to say that the veracity surrounding the categories of Intellect and Renaissance is false and that the results for each category and corresponding person elected are true and verified.

Photo courtesy of Burntfeather.